Product verification

Baku Caviar traceability is the ability to follow a food’s production chain, from its raw materials to how it was made and where it was sold. It is a way to make food and drink factories more accountable and open to the public. It is also a way to check on the quality and safety of food at every stage of production.

In order to find out where food and food ingredients came from, the chain of events from production to processing to distribution must be recorded and linked.

step 1
When you purchase Baku Caviar make sure the QR code Sticker is on the box.
step 2
Scratch the QR code, Open your camera or QR code scanner to scan the QR code from the sticker.
step 3
Once you scanned the QR Code it will direct to our website “, simply click the "Click here to verify" button.
step 4

Now you can see a window that shows the "Ownership Certificate"


Your product has been authenticated successfully.


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