Azerbaijani Traditions and Modern Excellence

We release 10 sturgeons into the sea for every purchase. We make delicious caviar from beluga, osetra, and sterlet, letting nature rule the process—fish grow without hormones. So, you get a pure black caviar taste.

We’re on a mission to lead the charge as the first recognized, sustainably sourced caviar brand in the Caspian region. At the heart of our philosophy is an unwavering dedication to promoting an eco-friendly approach and redefining the caviar industry for a new era.

Our journey began with establishing the Kura pilot production plant in 1954. Here, we laid the foundations of our sustainable approach to caviar production. We have proudly carried forward this legacy of excellence and environmental responsibility to the present day.

At Baku Caviar, we have embraced the rich history of Azerbaijani caviar and taken on the responsibility of safeguarding the Caspian Sea’s delicate ecosystem and sturgeon population. Our brand symbolizes a timeless tradition, a commitment to sustainability, and the art of crafting the finest caviar.

How We're Different


We offer unique, high-quality products that are typically only seen in upscale eating establishments.


All Baku Caviar products are cultivated, processed, and distributed in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).


We trace our history back to 1954 when the world's first sturgeon breeding plant was built in Azerbaijan.