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By choosing our caviar, you align yourself with a brand that places great emphasis on sustainable practices, ensuring the continued harmony between exquisite taste and environmental preservation.

The pure taste of origin - authentic black caviar from caspian shore

  • Beluga

    Beluga is the biggest of sturgeons, and so rare that less than …
    122.00 822.00 
  • Osetra

    Exceptional, smooth, creamy osetra caviar with platinum tint made from mature full-grown …
    94.00 605.00 
  • Sevruga

    Sterlet Caviar in grey and amber tones colour comes from the smallest …
    71.00 429.00 
  • Sustainability

    At Baku Caviar, we have redefined luxury in a way that doesn’t come at the expense of our planet. Our commitment to sustainability and our mission to protect the environment while providing you with the finest caviar and merchandise reflect our values.

    In 2023, thanks to your support, we released an astounding 200,000 new sturgeon species into the wild. This is a direct result of your choice to support Baku Caviar, and we couldn’t be prouder of the positive impact we’ve made together.

    Our journey toward sustainability involves a fusion of modern production facility and the craftsmanship of caviar masters. The result is an original black caviar taste respected by connoisseurs worldwide. Maintaining this level of excellence while making it sustainable requires dedication. It means putting tons of knowledge into production management and committing to ethical labor treatment.

    Taste and purchase black caviar at Baku Caviar Boutique in the heart of Baku

    Embark on a journey of refined taste and opulence at our Baku Caviar Boutique.

    Discover the epitome of luxury as you explore our curated selection of exquisite caviar. Located at 61 Asef Zeynally street, in Old City of Baku, our boutique beckons with an air of sophistication, offering you not just caviar, but an experience to remember.

    And for those seeking an enchanting setting, our terrace presents a captivating panorama of the city that perfectly complements the indulgence on your plate.

    Join us as we redefine luxury together.